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    THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is a Global Best Seller novel written by an  eminent    writer named Paula Hawkins.This novel is based on  the facts like loneliness ,unfaithful relations ,jealousy ,impacts of the  bitter past in the present life.Rachel is the  main character of this novel who travel aimlessly by train after her divorce and the cause of her divorce was her inability to conceive .She loved her husband very much .Both were buying a home to fulfilled their dreams.They had dreams to become parents of their children's.      Rachel likes to roaming aimlessly by train because of her loneliness ,she met most of the passengers who usually travel by train ,because she has curiosity to know about the life stories of most of the unknown persons,she even record the names of   the passengers in her mind who travel by the same train  and by the same route for daily purposes for their life schedule.  ".MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS",its the sentence for everyone by the societies of th

Book Review

  THE GOLDEN LION is the book which I bought from a book stall and I thought that avid book readers should read my reviews about the book before purchasing  by online or from a book stall  The story of the novel related to the year 1670,and I think this year is related to the mediaeval period of the world in human history.This book named GOLDEN LION is WORLDWIDE BEST SELLER. But readers will feel boredom  initially when they start to read the book ,but later the story of the novel becomes quite interesting. The year 1670 was a year in colonial era when most of the country's wanted to established its colonies in various parts of the world for business purposes and later these countries became the rulers of the parts of those site of the world.Ultimately those countries who wanted to make colonies and wanted to dominate the world started to indulge in conflicts with each other's to establish their own supremacy in the world .The story of the book depicts the inhumanity


THE GOOD DAUGHTER  is the name of the book which is the source to Review  I bought this book in 26th may 2020 and the day was monday .Its the book with 529 pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The writer of the book is Karin Slaughter .I never heard the name of this famous writer named KARIN SLAUGHTER and I even could not imagine whether the writer is a Gentleman or Gentlelady.The book is an international best seller which is also visible in words at the cover page of the book.When I found that the book is an international no:1 best seller than I became more curious to know abut the writer of the book and therefore I have decided to find  her personal data on Wikipedia.          This book or nove


Book Review

Imagining India is the book written by the founder of first IT company of India named NANDAN NILEKANI.Mr.Nilekani  was also the chairman of UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AUTHORITY OF INDIA.He was also in the post as co-chairman of INFOSYS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Imagining India is a book which is based on the true facts of India's past and present of India . India's development by various reforms in the field of social and economic reforms , reforms in the agricultural and various sectors ,advent of IT sectors and it's possibilities are the key ingredients about whom the book discuss .The economical and social conditions of India  was not good after the independence,even various conflicts were happened in states which is not imaginable ,if you read this book than you will have a better idea that this country named India developed by various rough and tough up and downs. This book named IMAGINING INDIA depict about the differences and development from the past to the present Of I

Reviews of Books

I bought a book before three months,and the name of the book is KASHMIR RAGE AND REASON Add caption Image 1 The name of the writer of the book is GOWHAR GEELANI (you may known after looking at the image of the cover page of the book). Interestingly GOWHAR GEELANI is an inhabitants of Kashmir who knows Kashmir very well from his childhood.Gowhar Geelani is a journalist who travelled various parts of India ,he is a political analyst and television commentator .The Kashmir issue is a very controversial issue between the countries named India and Pakistan since 1947.Both the countries demanded Kashmir as its integrated part .But most of the people of Kashmir demand sovereignty and they doesn't wanted to be part of neither India nor Pakistan(according to the book).Pakistan sponsored proxy war against India. This book named KASHMIR RAGE AND REASON  exposed various subjects like the Dreams of Teenagers ,Dreams of Youths of Kashmir and about the feeling of life under the mi