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Fire Safety

We can't think to run our lives without fire , fire has a great contribution to the civilization of mankind, there could be no developed civilization without fire . Fire proved itself a very worthy composition for the creation in human living. But Fire have a destructive mode in itself.Therefore we must know to control the destructive mode of fire , and therefore the subject Fire Safety has born. The writer of the book introduced the definition of fire and it's chemical reactions in the book as most of the writer's of Fire and Safety writes .The writer also wrote about the effects of fire and it's impact.He also wrote about how do safety match work (it's a knowledgeable  information) .There are some statutory warning like keep the safety matches out of reach from children's and it is also a good message to the reader's of the book. The writer warn about the toxity of smoke and carbon monoxide and wrote in details about it.The writer wrote about t
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Anne Frank

"Anne Frank : The Diary of a young girl"and it is the name of the book. Ann Frank was a 13 years old young girl who was belong to Jew community. The era was the era of Hitlers when Ann Frank was also living in Hitler's era .Most of people knows about Hitler's and his racist ideology and also about the racist German people of Hitlers era . Hitler's comes to the Power of politics in Germany and he became the chancellor and God of racist German people of Hitlers era . Holocaust was happened in Hitlers Germany when millions of Jews were killed by Hitler's Secret Police in poisonous gas chambers with the help of German citizens.History blame only Hitler's and his colleagues for such kind of crime but Germans of Hitlers era  are also equally responsible for the holocaust. Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany and became the victim of Holocaust by Hitler and killed in 1945. The 13 years old girl wrote a diary on daily basis until her death .Sh

Paris Climate Agreement: Beacon of Hope

Climate change is a serious issue because of the rising temperatures in the world , the increasing amount of Green House Gas is a major concern for the countries because it's lead to global warming and became a big threat to the atmosphere of the earth.Melting of glaciers because of global warming may become a great threat to the earth .The climate changing of the earth because of rising temperatures and air pollution became a big tension for the many countries, and therefore a convention was organised by the the representatives of 195 countries under the supervision of United Nations in Paris and one agreement was announced regarding the climate change and it's called Paris Climate Agreement. The goal of the Paris Climate Agreement is written by the writers.The writer's also write about the various agers of years and the Global Warming percentage at that time.The writer's analysis the Paris Climate Agreement in this book .In book the writer's also blame

Ambani and Son's

A Brief Introduction of Reliance : Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani who is popularly known as Dhirubhai Ambani was a famous business tycoon of India who established a company in India and he selected the name Reliance for the  company. The company became one of the leading company of the world.According to Forbes " Reliance is the world's 20th best  farm to work with in the rankings of the year 2022". Net income of Reliance industries in 2022 is 67,845 crore Indian rupees(the amount may increase because of devaluation of Indian rupees) and in US Dollars it's 8.5 Billion and the total revenue earned by Reliance Retail  in the year 2022 is 200,000 crore in Indian rupees(the amount may increase because of the devaluation of Indian rupees) and in dollars it's 25 billion US dollar.The net income of Reliance Jio platform(a technology company) in the the financial year 2021 was 12,537 crore Indian rupees (the amount may increase according to the devaluation of Indian rupees) a

Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing is a space where any one can sell and buy products online.  Digital marketing  become popular after  the revolution on  internet platform  in 21st century. This revolution of internet is responsible for the flourishing digital marketing. Various sectors  from groceries to Gas or petroleum to pharmaceutical  and economy flourishing on digital marketing.  The  marketing on retail sector is  becoming a more profitable business on  digital  platform  . Digital marketing  is also become a blessings to the Bloggers ,you tubers and  web  developers  and also for the Various social media platforms       The writer of the book wrote about  digital marketing  and it's success stories and also wrote about  Various  factors of digital marketing  and it's profitability. In the book she explain the framework for analysing the pace of technology substitution ,in this chapter she wrote about CREATIVE DESTRUCTION, ROBUST CO-EXISTENCE ,ILLUSION OF RESILIENCE and about  ROBUST


The story of the book is related to a hard working young lady who became the owner of a company of Silicon Valley ,her hard work led her to the ladder of success although she lost her parents at her childhood and the responsibilities of her little sister was upon her        soldier's.  With the help of her friends she  managed to cross all the obstacles and become the owner of the company which make prototypes.Her research and reviews and hard work on prototypes  needed fund and it was provided by some good friends which were made by her in Technological institution named MIT.Her friends become her colleagues at her company  and becbecame  initial investors to her company, their financial assistance  helped her to form PARAGON laboratories. She hired more staff  as soon as she taste the success and her  success story began .But the competitions in Silicon  Valley always become  a  tug of war of technology  .No owner of the company can imagine  about the adverse situations which may

HUNTING SEASON ,it's a book of real facts of civil war and terrorism

 Dear readers hope all of you are struggling in the war of life very well . Social and natural calamities trained everyone to be a good  fighters in the battlefield of life .   Readers today I am going to review a book which is based on real incidents in civil war zone and  filled with misery and the story of the book is based on real facts of 21st century.  All of us heard about Arab Uprising and also heard and watched the Civil war of Syria on television or mobile phone screen and  the Arab Uprising also helps in the formation of the formidable terrorist group named ISIS . This book is based on the Islamic terrorism which killed so many innocent people including journalists.     The main focus of the book is the execution of journalists named James Folley by ISIS terrorists and the real story of the kidnapping campaign that started a war.  Most of the people watched  the beheading of the freelance journalist named James Folley in the year 2014 by  ISIS terrorists. The writer of the b