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Children, Human Rights and Temporary Labour Migration

 Child labour is a serious social issue of the world. Child labour is a social disease and its leading for the creation of a new world of exploitation against childrens.According to the report of UNICEF in the year 2021that child labour is rises to 160 million.Human rights is also related to child labour.But this  book is published regarding childrens which are brought up with the absence of theirs parents and  and the title of the book is "Children, Human Rights and Temporary Labour Migration" The aim of the book is to focus on the neglected yet critical issue of how the global migration of millions of parents as low-waged migrant workers impacts the rights of their childrens under international human rights law.this book discussed about those children's who's parents are going far away as migrant labourers and the children are growing up with their parents absence. Such type of group of childrens facing potential harm.The writer criticized the labour sending and rec


 Human Trafficking is a serious subject which is related to crime against emotions, against believe, against relationship and also against livelihood.    Most of the people lost faith to each other because of human traffickers.Its a serious crime and all the civilized people of societies should know about it. Innocent people are suffering by the hand of human traffickers in the name of forced labour, women's are compelling by the human traffickers to indulge in illicit sexual activities.There are various factors which are responsible as the causes for human trafficking. A book is written by Stephanie Hepburn and Rita J.Simon regarding the heinous crime named "Human Trafficking: Hidden In Plain Sight"  The writer wrote"the term human trafficking triggers preconceived notions .Sex trafficking received more coverage in media than forced labour " .The writers of the book written about some numerical data regarding forced labour trafficking, sex trafficking and about