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Women In Politics

 Women In Politics is a book written by MARIZ TADROS . Women in politics is a matter of discrimination in various countries of this world , women are still not allowed to join in politics in various countries , women's are like a child producing machine in these countries where no more rights are allowed to women .There are some countries like India , Bangladesh USA ,UK , Australia where participation of women are allowed , some countries are also allows women's in politics but they are like a puppet in politics where only men's are allowed to take major decisions in politics .The writer of this book wrote about the topic in details about the discrimination against women in politics and about various regulations against women by some countries in the field of politics . Readers may earn knowledge from this book which is very valuable to inform global citizens about the injustice which is still happening in this world against women in politics.

First Aid ,The Guide Book

 Few months ago I bought a guide book  which is based on FIRST AID. Most of the people of this world knows about the importance of the First Aid. First Aid is the most important help to save a person life. The initial treatment to an injured person who met an accident in a sudden incident is called First Aid.     This book is contribution to the societies of mankind to save precious lives by providing knowledge of First Aid to the most of the persons and  ST JOHN AMBULANCE ,ST ANDREW'S FIRST AID AND BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY  helped to publish this book. They key subjects of this book are , 1/CONDITIONS AND INJURIES AND 2/ EMERGENCY ADVICE  This book provides all the knowledge to provide initial treatment  from burning injuries to heart attack ,poisoning ,bites ,emergency child birth ,Asthma etc . I personally feel that this is a very worthy book to read and learn about First Aid to save people's precious lives .