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In A Pure Muslim Land

 Before the review of the book I want to write to my blog readers  about why I found this book special . Dear readers if you watch international news on daily basis than you know that conflicts between the two separate sects of the religion named Shi'i Muslims and Sunni muslims are common ,  in Pakistan the conflict between Shi'i and Sunni is  more intense .Millions of followers of Sunni and Shi'i Islam followers killed because of the conflicts of Shi'i and Sunni Muslim.This book made me courious to know more about Islam and the cause of conflict between Shi's and Sunni. The book is written about Shi'i preachers and the about the discrimination against them . The writer wrote about the Shi'i preachers who were enrolled in a local Sunni seminary because there were difficulties to locate Shi'i religious school(madrasa) in Multan and how they were suffered by the discrimination of Sunni teachers.      The writer wrote about  key arguments , sectarianism , t

IKIGAI(The Japanese secret to a Long and Happy Life)

 My Dear Readers  few days back I went to a book stall where I found a book regarding the secrets of Long and Happy Life  .Now I am going to review the book .     All of us wanted a happy and long life ,but for this purpose we need to know about rules of a healthy lifestyle. The writer of the book mentioned about the secret of some Japanese people who are living in different parts of Japan .They have their different lifestyle with rules and traditions which leads their lives to a happy and young life in thier older age. We the people of 21st century are living a life of competition. We have harsh realities with compititions , which leads our body and mind towards various psychological and physical complications .The writer wrote about the inhabitants of Okinawa and Ogimi. The natives of Okinawa and Ogimi are happy and healthier and live a long live .There are some secret facts of life style of these inhabitants . Okinawa and Ogimi located in Japan.The writer investigated whether limeli

You Don't Own Me

 Dear readers today I bought a book and the author of the book is MARRY HIGGNS . The story of the book is related to suspence ,emotions , relationship etc .      The story will lead to its readers to the  investigation of murders and   facts of suspect by the public to Kendra(her husband was murdered)on the basis of speculations by the sensational coverages by media or from other sources reminds about me about media trials to accuse someone without proper evidence. Readers will  also in puzzle  about Kendra because sometimes readers will feel that Kendra hired some one to kill her husband , because according to some people she went to ATM frequently to withdraw money from the joint account and met a tough guy there and talked with her frequently and after the murders that tough guy vanished from the scene.    The another character Laurie who is a host of television show named "UNDER SUSPICION".This television show investigate crimes and telecast it in the show. Various people

The Lonely Tiger , the story of the book is based on the facts of the dwindling numbers of tigers in the world

 Dear , readers  today I am going to introduce to all of you with a book which is related to a very serious subject.And this book is made me emotional  and I think those people who love wildlife and respect wildlife will also become emotional after reading the book .     The name of the book is THE LONELY TIGER  How will you feel if some one force you to live alone in a deserted island ? You may guess how will you feel !  We the human beings love to hunt wild animals from ancient era and also love to hunt wild animals till now ,even some people made it a sport . Hunting was essential in the ancient age of human civilization to survive or when human were not civilised.But the nature of hunting by human become a amusement act or the act of bravery .And the another cause of hunting wild animals is to occupy the land of wild animals by humans and such act became the cause of conflict between humans and wild animals. The book is related to hunting experiences by a hunter .And the hunter had