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In A Pure Muslim Land

 Before the review of the book I want to write to my blog readers 
about why I found this book special . Dear readers if you watch international news on daily basis than you know that conflicts between the two separate sects of the religion named Shi'i Muslims and Sunni muslims are common ,  in Pakistan the conflict between Shi'i and Sunni is  more intense .Millions of followers of Sunni and Shi'i Islam followers killed because of the conflicts of Shi'i and Sunni Muslim.This book made me courious to know more about Islam and the cause of conflict between Shi's and Sunni.

The book is written about Shi'i preachers and the about the discrimination against them . The writer wrote about the Shi'i preachers who were enrolled in a local Sunni seminary because there were difficulties to locate Shi'i religious school(madrasa) in Multan and how they were suffered by the discrimination of Sunni teachers.
     The writer wrote about  key arguments , sectarianism , traditional v, connections and local authorities of Shi's Islam and the writer wrote about the conflicts between Shi'i and Sunni sect of Islam in India and Pakistan.
   The writer wrote about transnational Shi'ism and trends in the wider literature on modern Islam. Readers may also earn some knowledge of Islamic literature from the book.The basic subject of the book is Shi'i sm between Pakistan and Middle east which comprises a vast area of Shi'i Islamic  activities from past to present days  . The writer of the book also write about the transnational study and ideas of Shi'i organizations and their conflictual relationship with Pakistani state .
      All Indian Shi'ism,Colonial Modernity and the Challenge of Pakistan is one of the important subject which is throughly discussed in the book .Those readers who likes history may like the chapter title "LATE COLONIAL INDIA ,SHI'I ISLAM AND THE FORCES OF SECTARIANISM, NATIONALISM, AND COMMUNALISM.
  This book is written by SIMON WOLFGANG FUCHS (he is a lecturer in Islamic and Middle East Studies at the Albert Ludwigs Universitat Freiburg, Germany.) The Copyright Holder of the book is The University of North Carolina Press.



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