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The Dog Care ,Hand Book

" The Dog Care" is a hand book for dog lovers who loves dogs  to adopt as a pet animal .Almost all the peoples of this world like to be a owner of a dog. Dogs are best friends of human beings from the ancient history of mankind. Various information's are there in this book about the dog's. At first I didn't knew more about dogs ,but this hand book regarding dogs astonished me when I read the book .The world of dog's is a very mysterious .This book is a very valuable guide book. If you read this guide book than you would know the history of dog's and about it's species. This book will guide you to owing a dog whether it should be big or small.This book will also help to guide to  take care of puppies and training.Informations about vaccination is also available in this book. Information about bedding and bedtime of a puppy and also about exercises are available in this guide book. The writer of the guide book also provided valuable information about the

Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy is the book written by P.K Pahwa and G.K Pahwa .Hydrogen is an energy which may be a revolution if we could use it as a fuel by replacing fossil fuels.Diesel ,Petrol etc.are fossil fuels and fossil fuels are responsible for the polluting the  atmosphere of the earth and the use of fossil fuels are also responsible for the global warming. The writers of the books are very optimistic about the use of Hydrogen as fuels ,According to the writers "Hydrogen has the potential to solve both the environmental hazards faced by humankind". The writers wrote " THE WORLD IS NOW AT A PIVOTAL POINT IN PLANNING ITS ENERGY PROVISION FOR THE FUTURE ,AS THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE HAVE TO BE ADDRESSED AND,IN THE MUCH LONGER TERM ,FOSSIL FUELS WILL BE SCARCER " The writers wrote about the benefits of the use of Hydrogen as fuel and how this carbon neutral energy could be more helpful to the atmosphere .Writer's also wrote about the difficulties of production of H

Book Review ,GANDHI

GANDHI is the name of the book which  is written by Ramachandra Guha . This book is written to depict the activities of Gandhi from 1914 to 1948 .There are several unknown facts that we do not know .We were taught briefly about Gandhi in Schools and there are also some movies related to Gandhi ,but those movies  could not display the entire activities of Gandhi .Life of Gandhi is like a vast sea which does not have boundaries ,the writer of this book is trying his best to display about the life of Gandhi to the world communities by his book . If you read the book than you will know Gandhi's role in the reformation of social and public life in India.This book depicts about the eminent  personalities in Gandhi era in India who supported and helped Gandhi in India's freedom struggle ,one amongst them was educationist and politician named Gopal Krishna Gokhale and his was one of the great mentor of Gandhi.The book also mentioned about those personalities about whom we know in very