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Fire Safety

We can't think to run our lives without fire , fire has a great contribution to the civilization of mankind, there could be no developed civilization without fire . Fire proved itself a very worthy composition for the creation in human living. But Fire have a destructive mode in itself.Therefore we must know to control the destructive mode of fire , and therefore the subject Fire Safety has born. The writer of the book introduced the definition of fire and it's chemical reactions in the book as most of the writer's of Fire and Safety writes .The writer also wrote about the effects of fire and it's impact.He also wrote about how do safety match work (it's a knowledgeable  information) .There are some statutory warning like keep the safety matches out of reach from children's and it is also a good message to the reader's of the book. The writer warn about the toxity of smoke and carbon monoxide and wrote in details about it.The writer wrote about t

Anne Frank

"Anne Frank : The Diary of a young girl"and it is the name of the book. Ann Frank was a 13 years old young girl who was belong to Jew community. The era was the era of Hitlers when Ann Frank was also living in Hitler's era .Most of people knows about Hitler's and his racist ideology and also about the racist German people of Hitlers era . Hitler's comes to the Power of politics in Germany and he became the chancellor and God of racist German people of Hitlers era . Holocaust was happened in Hitlers Germany when millions of Jews were killed by Hitler's Secret Police in poisonous gas chambers with the help of German citizens.History blame only Hitler's and his colleagues for such kind of crime but Germans of Hitlers era  are also equally responsible for the holocaust. Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany and became the victim of Holocaust by Hitler and killed in 1945. The 13 years old girl wrote a diary on daily basis until her death .Sh

Paris Climate Agreement: Beacon of Hope

Climate change is a serious issue because of the rising temperatures in the world , the increasing amount of Green House Gas is a major concern for the countries because it's lead to global warming and became a big threat to the atmosphere of the earth.Melting of glaciers because of global warming may become a great threat to the earth .The climate changing of the earth because of rising temperatures and air pollution became a big tension for the many countries, and therefore a convention was organised by the the representatives of 195 countries under the supervision of United Nations in Paris and one agreement was announced regarding the climate change and it's called Paris Climate Agreement. The goal of the Paris Climate Agreement is written by the writers.The writer's also write about the various agers of years and the Global Warming percentage at that time.The writer's analysis the Paris Climate Agreement in this book .In book the writer's also blame

Ambani and Son's

A Brief Introduction of Reliance : Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani who is popularly known as Dhirubhai Ambani was a famous business tycoon of India who established a company in India and he selected the name Reliance for the  company. The company became one of the leading company of the world.According to Forbes " Reliance is the world's 20th best  farm to work with in the rankings of the year 2022". Net income of Reliance industries in 2022 is 67,845 crore Indian rupees(the amount may increase because of devaluation of Indian rupees) and in US Dollars it's 8.5 Billion and the total revenue earned by Reliance Retail  in the year 2022 is 200,000 crore in Indian rupees(the amount may increase because of the devaluation of Indian rupees) and in dollars it's 25 billion US dollar.The net income of Reliance Jio platform(a technology company) in the the financial year 2021 was 12,537 crore Indian rupees (the amount may increase according to the devaluation of Indian rupees) a

Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing is a space where any one can sell and buy products online.  Digital marketing  become popular after  the revolution on  internet platform  in 21st century. This revolution of internet is responsible for the flourishing digital marketing. Various sectors  from groceries to Gas or petroleum to pharmaceutical  and economy flourishing on digital marketing.  The  marketing on retail sector is  becoming a more profitable business on  digital  platform  . Digital marketing  is also become a blessings to the Bloggers ,you tubers and  web  developers  and also for the Various social media platforms       The writer of the book wrote about  digital marketing  and it's success stories and also wrote about  Various  factors of digital marketing  and it's profitability. In the book she explain the framework for analysing the pace of technology substitution ,in this chapter she wrote about CREATIVE DESTRUCTION, ROBUST CO-EXISTENCE ,ILLUSION OF RESILIENCE and about  ROBUST


The story of the book is related to a hard working young lady who became the owner of a company of Silicon Valley ,her hard work led her to the ladder of success although she lost her parents at her childhood and the responsibilities of her little sister was upon her        soldier's.  With the help of her friends she  managed to cross all the obstacles and become the owner of the company which make prototypes.Her research and reviews and hard work on prototypes  needed fund and it was provided by some good friends which were made by her in Technological institution named MIT.Her friends become her colleagues at her company  and becbecame  initial investors to her company, their financial assistance  helped her to form PARAGON laboratories. She hired more staff  as soon as she taste the success and her  success story began .But the competitions in Silicon  Valley always become  a  tug of war of technology  .No owner of the company can imagine  about the adverse situations which may

HUNTING SEASON ,it's a book of real facts of civil war and terrorism

 Dear readers hope all of you are struggling in the war of life very well . Social and natural calamities trained everyone to be a good  fighters in the battlefield of life .   Readers today I am going to review a book which is based on real incidents in civil war zone and  filled with misery and the story of the book is based on real facts of 21st century.  All of us heard about Arab Uprising and also heard and watched the Civil war of Syria on television or mobile phone screen and  the Arab Uprising also helps in the formation of the formidable terrorist group named ISIS . This book is based on the Islamic terrorism which killed so many innocent people including journalists.     The main focus of the book is the execution of journalists named James Folley by ISIS terrorists and the real story of the kidnapping campaign that started a war.  Most of the people watched  the beheading of the freelance journalist named James Folley in the year 2014 by  ISIS terrorists. The writer of the b

In A Pure Muslim Land

 Before the review of the book I want to write to my blog readers  about why I found this book special . Dear readers if you watch international news on daily basis than you know that conflicts between the two separate sects of the religion named Shi'i Muslims and Sunni muslims are common ,  in Pakistan the conflict between Shi'i and Sunni is  more intense .Millions of followers of Sunni and Shi'i Islam followers killed because of the conflicts of Shi'i and Sunni Muslim.This book made me courious to know more about Islam and the cause of conflict between Shi's and Sunni. The book is written about Shi'i preachers and the about the discrimination against them . The writer wrote about the Shi'i preachers who were enrolled in a local Sunni seminary because there were difficulties to locate Shi'i religious school(madrasa) in Multan and how they were suffered by the discrimination of Sunni teachers.      The writer wrote about  key arguments , sectarianism , t

IKIGAI(The Japanese secret to a Long and Happy Life)

 My Dear Readers  few days back I went to a book stall where I found a book regarding the secrets of Long and Happy Life  .Now I am going to review the book .     All of us wanted a happy and long life ,but for this purpose we need to know about rules of a healthy lifestyle. The writer of the book mentioned about the secret of some Japanese people who are living in different parts of Japan .They have their different lifestyle with rules and traditions which leads their lives to a happy and young life in thier older age. We the people of 21st century are living a life of competition. We have harsh realities with compititions , which leads our body and mind towards various psychological and physical complications .The writer wrote about the inhabitants of Okinawa and Ogimi. The natives of Okinawa and Ogimi are happy and healthier and live a long live .There are some secret facts of life style of these inhabitants . Okinawa and Ogimi located in Japan.The writer investigated whether limeli

You Don't Own Me

 Dear readers today I bought a book and the author of the book is MARRY HIGGNS . The story of the book is related to suspence ,emotions , relationship etc .      The story will lead to its readers to the  investigation of murders and   facts of suspect by the public to Kendra(her husband was murdered)on the basis of speculations by the sensational coverages by media or from other sources reminds about me about media trials to accuse someone without proper evidence. Readers will  also in puzzle  about Kendra because sometimes readers will feel that Kendra hired some one to kill her husband , because according to some people she went to ATM frequently to withdraw money from the joint account and met a tough guy there and talked with her frequently and after the murders that tough guy vanished from the scene.    The another character Laurie who is a host of television show named "UNDER SUSPICION".This television show investigate crimes and telecast it in the show. Various people

The Lonely Tiger , the story of the book is based on the facts of the dwindling numbers of tigers in the world

 Dear , readers  today I am going to introduce to all of you with a book which is related to a very serious subject.And this book is made me emotional  and I think those people who love wildlife and respect wildlife will also become emotional after reading the book .     The name of the book is THE LONELY TIGER  How will you feel if some one force you to live alone in a deserted island ? You may guess how will you feel !  We the human beings love to hunt wild animals from ancient era and also love to hunt wild animals till now ,even some people made it a sport . Hunting was essential in the ancient age of human civilization to survive or when human were not civilised.But the nature of hunting by human become a amusement act or the act of bravery .And the another cause of hunting wild animals is to occupy the land of wild animals by humans and such act became the cause of conflict between humans and wild animals. The book is related to hunting experiences by a hunter .And the hunter had


  Dear Readers  , hope all of you are  safe and sound and all are not affected by natural calamities.Modern lifestyle of 21st century of mankind became helpful to solve so much problems of our daily lives. This is the century of internet revolution and also the revolution of technology , and this modern lifestyle also affected our lives with negative impact.This modern lifestyle is also responsible for the creation of  loneliness , selfishness and mental instability .Most of us suffering by depression and it's also lead our lives to a different hell world. But there is also a ray of hope to change the lifestyle in 21st century. We may call it a ray of hope to get out from selfishness  and loneliness  and depression.We the humans wants  LOVE ,FRIENDSHIP AND SECURITY  in life.  But our busy schedules and competitions compelling  us to live in fear and anxiety. But there is a hope and the name of the  hope  is VIPASSANA MEDITATION CENTRE. Meditation became a popular concept for healin

The Tiger

 Dear Readers  , hope the days belong to all of you are running well with enjoyment.Reading a book is also an enjoyment along with knowledge ,and everybody knows that books are best friends forever. And I wish all of you will be able to find  great  books as your friends.LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH BOOKS. Few days back I selected a book on Amazon and it was a tough work to select a book to buy who is waiting for readers amongst more books. The name of the book is THE TIGER .I read a poem when I was in high school and it was about tiger and I like the sentence of the poem " Tiger Tiger Burning Bright".  All of us respect the courage and beauty of a tiger ,but unfortunately various species of tigers are going to be extinct .  The writer of the book wrote about a forest   which is situated in Russia  and a  most vulnerable tiger  species of   the world is living there in the forest which could be extinct in few years if there will be no step taken by the world community to save the t


 Today is a rainy day when I am thinking about writing a review . Most of the areas of my homeland is submerged under water, cities , villages , school , college and businesses are  affected .Urge for help to the poor people is one of the social medias trending message created  by NGO to help the victims (some NGO  may fake) Let's keep aside these matters and come the real matter and that is book review. My dear readers few days back I went to a book stall and bought a book on discount .The name of the book is UNRESTRICTED ACCESS. This book is a fiction but the author wrote that the fictious story of the book is based on  some real facts  , I couldn't stop reading when I started to read the book .When I started to read the book than I have also realised that the story of the book is based on some true facts ,one of such kind of true is the  use of biological weapons . The fictional stories of the book is also based on past and  present incidents. We may imagine the deadly impac


Dear readers before reviewing the book I want to express my thoughts with all of you ,the month named June going to be expired after some days . This month is lucky for someone and also unlucky for some people. June is a month of rain and flooded most of the area and created panic situation amongst public . We should pray for the those people who are suffering by flood and also lost their own near and dear one.May  God bless all of us to lead a beautiful life.  Today I am going to review a book which story is based on the independence of mankind from the clutches of inhumanity.This book reveal the brutality of some people which were good people once upon a time and in the course of time they became barbarian . This book is related to history ,the story of the book is not a fictious story .This book is non fiction. If you are interested to read any non fiction book and also love historical books than this book is for you to read . The book exposed some bitter fact about human mind , abo


 Dear readers ,hope all the readers of my blog is enjoying their lives, today I am going to introduce a new book to all of you and also trying to review it ,hope I will have your valuable comments and advice. Dog ,the faithful animal and humans best friends are always in trouble. Humans love them , human harassed them ,human kill them ,but dogs always remain faithful.     A Dog's Purpose is the book written by W.Bruce Cameroon . The story of the book is related to a female dog name ELLIE . This book make the reader's realise about the feelings of a dog by itself . Readers will feel the pain of a puppy when she is separated from her dog family  . I was brought up a dog and I separated him from his family and took him to my home when he was a puppy and I was also a school going child in those days . After reading the book I feel that I should not separate the poor puppy from his own dog family . Ellie's life is full with remarkable stories written by the writer . The training

Poverty and Famines

 One word is very common and popular and that is Below Poverty Line(BPL ) . According to my viewpoint "there are only two religions in this world and they are RichAND Poor .  There are various factors which are responsible for the poverty , natural calamities, low income , sudden adverse incidents to someone leading to poverty . A proper distribution system needs to eradicate the poverty.This book named POVERTY AND FAMINE discussed the various issues of poverty and it's causes .This book discussed about all the matters which are mentioned above. The book also discussed about social security and employment entitlement.Food supply and starvation is also a sensitive issue and this subject is also discussed in the book. But I found it difficult at first to understand the discussion regarding poverty in the book ,but later I found it interesting.  The another subject of the book is famine  .  The writer discussed about the great Bengal Famine which occurred in 1943 in India under B

The Poorest And The Hungry

 Dear Readers today I want to share a real story with all of you before reviewing a book ,Few years back I was on the way to market and I  found a lady at footpath and she was seventy five or eighty years old .She was trying to sell some ball pens although she was very weak ,she couldn't even opened her eyes ,the footpath was situated infront of a Church and she was sitting at the footpath in front of the church and tried to sell some pens , there were no chair or tools with her to sit , some ball pens were in her hand and was sitting by clutching the pens and wanted to sell she couldn't even call customers to sell her ball pens because she was very weak , I was shocked when I found her at foothpath because I never found such kind of aged poor lady who wants to living respectfully without begging .I wanted to help her but I hadn't a good job to help her I went near by to buy some ball pens from her because she had not more customers to sell her ball pens she  couldn't o

The Discourse Summaries

 My Dear Readers , I am extremely sorry that I could not manage time for a long period , because I was very much busy in my job , I want to resign from my job because the job consumed lots of hours because it's a private job and I can't manage time to invest time to write my blog and introduce some valuable books to all the precious readers . Today I will introduce a new book to you which may not be available in the market because this valuable book is only available in meditation centre's . This month I went to a meditation centre which is very famous in the world and it's branches are available in the most of the counties of the world'. The most important fact is that there are no  cost charges or fees for the students. If you go there to any centre than you will provide free accommodations, food by the meditation centre. And another important factor is that no religious activities and no  books ,pen , pencil are allowed ,no mobile phone allowed to use when you ge