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Fire Safety

We can't think to run our lives without fire , fire has a great contribution to the civilization of mankind, there could be no developed civilization without fire . Fire proved itself a very worthy composition for the creation in human living.
But Fire have a destructive mode in itself.Therefore we must know to control the destructive mode of fire , and therefore the subject Fire Safety has born.
The writer of the book introduced the definition of fire and it's chemical reactions in the book as most of the writer's of Fire and Safety writes .The writer also wrote about the effects of fire and it's impact.He also wrote about how do safety match work (it's a knowledgeable  information) .There are some statutory warning like keep the safety matches out of reach from children's and it is also a good message to the reader's of the book.
The writer warn about the toxity of smoke and carbon monoxide and wrote in details about it.The writer wrote about those materials who produce toxic gases if it's burn. Therefore we should not burn such type of materials. About Various chemical compounds in combustion reactions are also wrote in details in the book
 .The writer of the book write about pyrolysis which generates some molecules who creates flames.
There are various types of flames and the writer wrote about it in short in the book .For the first time I read about Fire Triangle in the book and it's a good information regarding Fire and Safety.
Calorific value of Fuel Mixtures are also discussed in details in the book and it's chemical reactions also wrote in details in the book. The writer of the book write on details about fire protection in the book.
The book is written by N.Sesha Prakash.

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