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Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing is a space where any one can sell and buy products online.  Digital marketing  become popular after  the revolution on  internet platform  in 21st century. This revolution of internet is responsible for the flourishing digital marketing. Various sectors  from groceries to Gas or petroleum to pharmaceutical  and economy flourishing on digital marketing.  The  marketing on retail sector is  becoming a more profitable business on  digital  platform  .

Digital marketing  is also become a blessings to the Bloggers ,you tubers and  web  developers  and also for the Various social media platforms 

     The writer of the book wrote about  digital marketing  and it's success stories and also wrote about  Various  factors of digital marketing  and it's profitability. In the book she explain the framework for analysing the pace of technology substitution ,in this chapter she wrote about CREATIVE DESTRUCTION, ROBUST CO-EXISTENCE ,ILLUSION OF RESILIENCE and about  ROBUST RESILIENCE.The changes in technology also change our lifestyle and developed technologies are also essential for the development of digital platform. The writer also discussed about  Technological change and it's activities in digital marketing in this book.

 The writer wrote about social media management because social media is also become most valuable tools for the digital marketing. The writer also discussed about  Digital Marketing Metrics Analytics and reporting. The writer  gave example about some people  who did not like their job and resigned and became very rich after the hard work done by them in blogging  and they become  a successful blogger .Their research in digital marketing and their intelligent mind helps them to become successful. Influencer marketing is another topic regarding digital marketing and the writer also wrote in details about it.Digital Native and Digital Immigration is another interesting chapter to read in this book.Digital Disruption and it's causes  are written in this book.The writer wrote about how the Internet of Things (IOT) have huge contribution for the development of digital marketing and how IOT also provide us a comfortable lifestyle and also helps to save money and time ,helps to preserve food.

Block Chain-The Distributed Ledger is another  interesting topic in the book . At last we may say that this book is a very knowledgeable book for it's readers .This book is written by " Annamarie Hanlon ".This book is published by SAGE Publication Pvt Limited ,California . This book is also available on Google Play Store.



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