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The Discourse Summaries

 My Dear Readers , I am extremely sorry that I could not manage time for a long period , because I was very much busy in my job , I want to resign from my job because the job consumed lots of hours because it's a private job and I can't manage time to invest time to write my blog and introduce some valuable books to all the precious readers . Today I will introduce a new book to you which may not be available in the market because this valuable book is only available in meditation centre's . This month I went to a meditation centre which is very famous in the world and it's branches are available in the most of the counties of the world'. The most important fact is that there are no  cost charges or fees for the students. If you go there to any centre than you will provide free accommodations, food by the meditation centre. And another important factor is that no religious activities and no  books ,pen , pencil are allowed ,no mobile phone allowed to use when you ge