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HUNTING SEASON ,it's a book of real facts of civil war and terrorism

 Dear readers hope all of you are struggling in the war of life very well . Social and natural calamities trained everyone to be a good  fighters in the battlefield of life .   Readers today I am going to review a book which is based on real incidents in civil war zone and  filled with misery and the story of the book is based on real facts of 21st century.  All of us heard about Arab Uprising and also heard and watched the Civil war of Syria on television or mobile phone screen and  the Arab Uprising also helps in the formation of the formidable terrorist group named ISIS . This book is based on the Islamic terrorism which killed so many innocent people including journalists.     The main focus of the book is the execution of journalists named James Folley by ISIS terrorists and the real story of the kidnapping campaign that started a war.  Most of the people watched  the beheading of the freelance journalist named James Folley in the year 2014 by  ISIS terrorists. The writer of the b