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The Assamese

 Assam is a state located in the North Eastern part of India. Assam was an Independent country until 1826.Britishers annexed Assam with India in 1826.The local community of Assam is called Assamese. Every country have Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern history and Assam have also Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern History.This book is written about the modern days of Assam when the state was annexed with India in 1826 . The book depicted the vivid picture of the changing social behaviour under British rule and also about the reforms in the Assamese society of Assam.The writer himself came to Assam and research about the Assamese society and it's traditions. The writer truly wrote about the various groups or castes and it's traditions in Assamese society.The rules in the caste systems of Assam and the intensities of the discrimination regarding caste issues is also written by the writer. Purification process for the caste system in Assamese is also depicted in the book .Various works whic


 After Long Period I am going to review a book. World war 2 is a very interesting subject to know about the rising of Fascism and Racism.The ideology of Hitler and German people of Hitler's decades were based on  favour of racism and imperialism and it was against the humanity. Involvement of Italy and Japan as colleagues of Germany also created more destruction against humanity.       Anti-Semitism and the atrocities against Jews shook the world.Most of the educated people knows that millions of people Jew community were killed in concentration camps by poisonous gas ,by bullets and by  starvation and this heinous crime was committed by Hitler's force and by some countries which were also indirectly responsible for the killing of the people of Zew community.          But the world community doesn't not know more about agony of victims in concentration camps .But now a book is published with the story of concentration camps by a victim. Those victims of concentration camp a