Human Trafficking is a serious subject which is related to crime against emotions, against believe, against relationship and also against livelihood.    Most of the people lost faith to each other because of human traffickers.Its a serious crime and all the civilized people of societies should know about it. Innocent people are suffering by the hand of human traffickers in the name of forced labour, women's are compelling by the human traffickers to indulge in illicit sexual activities.There are various factors which are responsible as the causes for human trafficking. A book is written by Stephanie Hepburn and Rita J.Simon regarding the heinous crime named "Human Trafficking: Hidden In Plain Sight"  The writer wrote"the term human trafficking triggers preconceived notions .Sex trafficking received more coverage in media than forced labour " .The writers of the book written about some numerical data regarding forced labour trafficking, sex trafficking and about

The Assamese

 Assam is a state located in the North Eastern part of India. Assam was an Independent country until 1826.Britishers annexed Assam with India in 1826.The local community of Assam is called Assamese.

Every country have Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern history and Assam have also Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern History.This book is written about the modern days of Assam when the state was annexed with India in 1826 .

The book depicted the vivid picture of the changing social behaviour under British rule and also about the reforms in the Assamese society of Assam.The writer himself came to Assam and research about the Assamese society and it's traditions.
The writer truly wrote about the various groups or castes and it's traditions in Assamese society.The rules in the caste systems of Assam and the intensities of the discrimination regarding caste issues is also written by the writer.
Purification process for the caste system in Assamese is also depicted in the book .Various works which were distributed amongst the upper and lower caste of Assamese society is a very interesting topic in the book.

The deteriorated conditions of the Assamese Brahmins(Brahmin is the priest class of India and Assam.Became very influential in the ancient and mediaeval period of India and Assam, Kingdoms of Assam provided more favours to the Brahmin Class of Assamese society)are also depicted by the writer.

    The reforms in modern Assam changed the mind of Assamese people and the discrimination between upper caste and and lower caste started to decline.The land distribution system amongst various castes is also an astonishing subject in the book.

     This book was written and first published in 1984 . If the writer compare the society of Assam between modern period and  mediaeval and ancient period the the book may more worthy for the readers. 


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