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THE INVISIBLE MAN , The Classic book review

  THE INVISIBLE MAN  is a book which is a fictional book but it's express the reality of boundless desires and it's fulfilment which creates unimaginable atmosphere. This book titled THE INVISIBLE MAN is written by the famous writer of the Lifetime and his name is H.G .WELLS . The story of the fictitious   book is based on science ,the story of the book really creates sensation to the minds of its readers and leads the readers to the world of illusions . Griffin (the invisible Man ) the lead character of the book and his tragic life begins after he made himself  invisible by his scientific method because he is scientists. H.G . Wells truly portrayed the lives of the  people of villages ,the characters named Mr and Mrs.Hall is also depicted the innocence of their lives in village . The crimes committed by the Invisible man unintentionally to save himself also creates sensations ,the negative characters of the story and the curiosity and astonishment towards the invisible Man als

The Prince and the Pauper , Review

 When I was a child than one book became my most favourite book and the characters of the story of the book often came to my dreams and the story of the book always compelled me to day dreaming .I felt like I am the part of a character of the book. I did not dare to review the book and even my hands are tottering to write a review for the book , because I feel I am not worthy to review that book which became most favourite book of mine and it will remain favourite forever in my life. The name of the book is THE PRICE AND THE PAUPER ,this book is written by MARK TWAIN who was a legend amongst writers and I feel no writers may compete with him even in 21st century. The  characters of the story specially TOM CANTY (the Pauper)demand a special attention from the readers ,the lives of poor people in London in sixteenth century is depicted in the story .The story of the book also depicted the social conditions and gap between poor and rich in London in sixteenth century. The cruelty of poor

Julius Streicher is the book which is on review

 Journalism is called the one of the eminent pillar of Democracy ,which is called the fourth pillar of Democracy .But now someone may find Journalism in destructive mode in India which is responsible for the dividing Indian society on the basis of religions. In Hitler's Germany the religious people were Jews and in modern India under the BJP(the current ruling political party of India ) led government its Muslims. There are some eminent biased journalists in India who get financial assistance from the government to circulate hatred by their media electronic ways or printed ways. Their motive is to pray the government in their media  broadcasting and criticise the opposition political parties. These media personal never shows the realities which may expose the government. These journalists also becomes justice to give their verdicts against anyone on the basis of doubt ,they ruined carriers of some Innocent persons,and such kind of journalists also defame them in society without any