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THE INVISIBLE MAN , The Classic book review


THE INVISIBLE MAN  is a book which is a fictional book but it's express the reality of boundless desires and it's fulfilment which creates unimaginable atmosphere.
This book titled THE INVISIBLE MAN is written by the famous writer of the Lifetime and his name is H.G .WELLS .
The story of the fictitious   book is based on science ,the story of the book really creates sensation to the minds of its readers and leads the readers to the world of illusions .

Griffin (the invisible Man ) the lead character of the book and his tragic life begins after he made himself  invisible by his scientific method because he is scientists.
H.G . Wells truly portrayed the lives of the  people of villages ,the characters named Mr and Mrs.Hall is also depicted the innocence of their lives in village . The crimes committed by the Invisible man unintentionally to save himself also creates sensations ,the negative characters of the story and the curiosity and astonishment towards the invisible Man also creates fun in the story . We may call the story as thriller and suspense story which makes sensation to even the readers of 21st century. It's very hard to review the book and I think I am unworthy to review this famous classic book.


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