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Julius Streicher is the book which is on review

 Journalism is called the one of the eminent pillar of Democracy ,which is called the fourth pillar of Democracy .But now someone may find Journalism in destructive mode in India which is responsible for the dividing Indian society on the basis of religions.

In Hitler's Germany the religious people were Jews and in modern India under the BJP(the current ruling political party of India ) led government its Muslims. There are some eminent biased journalists in India who get financial assistance from the government to circulate hatred by their media electronic ways or printed ways. Their motive is to pray the government in their media  broadcasting and criticise the opposition political parties. These media personal never shows the realities which may expose the government. These journalists also becomes justice to give their verdicts against anyone on the basis of doubt ,they ruined carriers of some Innocent persons,and such kind of journalists also defame them in society without any valid proof ,those innocent person were arrested on the basis of doubts and labelled them as criminals by the Indian journalism. Such kind of journalists always let us remember a journalist named 'Julius Streicher' ,he is also known  as the history of the world as 'Hitler's Journalist'. Julius Streicher who circulated hatred against Jews and wanted to proved that Jews are devils and enemy of Germany ,his print news media group encouraged Germans to attack Jews and the involvement of Julius Streicher with Nazi defamed journalism and in India this bitter history of journalism created by Julius Streicher in Germany repeated again in India in 21st century. 

       In the chapters of this book depicted the early life of Julius Streicher and his struggle and about his political ambitions and also depicted about a person whose character changed suddenly and became a criminal related to war crime.
   Anyone may like this book if he or she is interested in history.This book is written by RANDALL L. BYTWERK . The preface of the book is very interesting to the readers ,if readers will read two paragraph of the preface of the book than it will help readers to have an imagination about the book.


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