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Anne Frank

"Anne Frank : The Diary of a young girl"and it is the name of the book. Ann Frank was a 13 years old young girl who was belong to Jew community. The era was the era of Hitlers when Ann Frank was also living in Hitler's era .Most of people knows about Hitler's and his racist ideology and also about the racist German people of Hitlers era . Hitler's comes to the Power of politics in Germany and he became the chancellor and God of racist German people of Hitlers era .

Holocaust was happened in Hitlers Germany when millions of Jews were killed by Hitler's Secret Police in poisonous gas chambers with the help of German citizens.History blame only Hitler's and his colleagues for such kind of crime but Germans of Hitlers era  are also equally responsible for the holocaust.
Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany and became the victim of Holocaust by Hitler and killed in 1945. The 13 years old girl wrote a diary on daily basis until her death .She wrote about her cat , about her school friends about most the incidents of her daily life which were happening with her.
Her diary also helps reader's to know about the atrocities of Hitlers on the people of Jew community.She wrote about the compulsion of wearing of yellow star by each and every Jews because it was the part of Anti Jewish Law approved by Hitler.She wrote about various anti Jews laws .She wrote about how Jews were humiliated ,how Jews were not allowed even to drive their own car, Not allowed to use public transport or hiring a taxi.A definite time was fixed for Jews for get out from their homes and get returned to their respective home on definite time  etc .She wrote about her happy days with her friends.She also wrote about her classmates and about her school teachers and she also wrote about the progress of her study.She mentioned about the poem that she wrote in the school as a task given by the school teacher and her enjoyable days at her school .It's really painful to read about how a father tell her daughter to hide somewhere from the rest of the world,either they will be into the clutches of German and their belongings will be seized by the Germans and the father also assured her daughter to not to be worry because he will find a ultimately time was coming to her for hiding,she wrote her agony at that time when she and her family was so much scared for their fate.She wrote the entire panic situation at her home when they needed to hide in a safe place  as soon as possible.She wrote about her fears and emotions at that time when they were in a hurry to hide somewhere  in the diary.It was a situation of do or die ,if they would be caught by gastapo police of Hitlers than their lives will be finish in a posionous gas chamber in concentration camp established by Hitler to kill Jews.She wrote about how she felt when her body was wrapped with more cloths with heavy shoes and cap at the time of leaving their house to hide somewhere . It's really heart wrenching to read her writing about how they were walking with their belongings when it was raining outside of their house and they were in a hurry to hide somewhere and keep themselves alive , because if they will caught by Hitlers Gastapo police than they will be killed by Hitlers police. Anne Frank's diary is really make its readers emotional and also her agony at her small age ,her dreams and her struggle to survive is a lesson to the world communities that never support racism. All of us human and never hate each other in the name of religions and race . The diary of Anne Frank should be read by all the racists of the world. Let's make the world a beautiful place of humanity.

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