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Dear Readers  , hope all of you are  safe and sound and all are not affected by natural calamities.Modern lifestyle of 21st century of mankind became helpful to solve so much problems of our daily lives. This is the century of internet revolution and also the revolution of technology , and this modern lifestyle also affected our lives with negative impact.This modern lifestyle is also responsible for the creation of  loneliness , selfishness and mental instability .Most of us suffering by depression and it's also lead our lives to a different hell world. But there is also a ray of hope to change the lifestyle in 21st century.

We may call it a ray of hope to get out from selfishness  and loneliness  and depression.We the humans wants  LOVE ,FRIENDSHIP AND SECURITY  in life.  But our busy schedules and competitions compelling  us to live in fear and anxiety. But there is a hope and the name of the  hope  is VIPASSANA MEDITATION CENTRE. Meditation became a popular concept for healing pain  ,anxiety  and various  mental disorders. But the process  of meditation is the important aspect. 

VIPASSANA  MEDITATION is a process of meditation with various  aspects.  The writer of the book truly wrote  about  VIPASSANA MEDITATION,  VIPASSANA MEDITATION is for all ,this process of meditation  is not belong to any particular  religion. The method of VIPASSANA MEDITATION never allows its students to  indulge in any religious activities during the 10th day course. Therefore  students of all the religions  respected and follows the process of VIPASSANA MEDITATION. The book properly guided its readers  about  VIPASSANA MEDITATION  .
VIPASSANA COURSE is 100% free and it's centre's are located in most of the  countries of the world.  Food accommodations  are also free of cost. VIPASSANA MEDITATION FOLLOWS THE RULES OF GAUTAM BUDDHA .Buddha neither teach about any religious  activities nor did he  advice people to worship God with  particular process and he didnot teach any philosophy.The writer also predicted about some beliefs of BUDDHA.  One of the main belief of BUDDHA was that  "no one should  believe  anything  whatever  are told by someone  or whatever  is introduced to you by past generations , you should try to experience the truth".
  The writer of the book truly wrote about  the illusions  which  are responsible to make us it's slaves.  The writer  wrote  about how the  VIPASSANA MEDITATION  helps us to know ourselves. 
The writer also published the interview of S.N Goenka in the book,S.N Goenka helped to  introduced  VIPASSANA  MEDITATION to all over the world. 
At last we may  say that this book could be helpful  to those people who wanted to join the VIPASSANA MEDITATION  COURSE  and wanted to stay at the VIPASSANA  CENTRE  for 10 days. The reader's ( who wants to join VIPASSANA MEDITATION CENTRE ) can read the book for their mentally preparations. The book depict the reason  behind the establishing of VIPASSANA MEDITATION  CENTRE  , and it's benefits  and also depicted  about  Buddha  and his thoughts  .
This book is written by "William  Hart ".
and printed by Apollo Printed Press.


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