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 Today is a rainy day when I am thinking about writing a review . Most of the areas of my homeland is submerged under water, cities , villages , school , college and businesses are  affected .Urge for help to the poor people is one of the social medias trending message created  by NGO to help the victims (some NGO  may fake)

Let's keep aside these matters and come the real matter and that is book review. My dear readers few days back I went to a book stall and bought a book on discount .The name of the book is UNRESTRICTED ACCESS.

This book is a fiction but the author wrote that the fictious story of the book is based on  some real facts  , I couldn't stop reading when I started to read the book .When I started to read the book than I have also realised that the story of the book is based on some true facts ,one of such kind of true is the  use of biological weapons . The fictional stories of the book is also based on past and  present incidents. We may imagine the deadly impacts of using of biological weapons .The stories of the book enthralled readers while reading because the story of the book is filled with suspense .

We may imagine about a deadly biological weapons which may create weird changes of physical appearance of any creatures and can change its behaviour. The imagination of the writer to use the subject the adverse impact of biological weapons  is superb and his imagination filled the story with suspense keep the reader's concentration intact while reading the book.

This fictional book is also helpful to earn some general knowledge . I learnt about CATACOMBS OF PARIS when I read the book .This book is compilation of stories and the author tried weaving the story with same thread with same lead characters, but  the readers may feel that the thread is  torn , because there are different stories with same characters in every chapter,  difficulties appears sometimes to understand the stories at first ,but at last it's become a happy ending by understanding the each story . The writer also provides the explanation about the source of real stories which encouraged him to write fictional stories with such kind of real subject.

I was astonished when the author described about CATACOMBS OF PARIS in one of the chapter of the book . CATACOMB is a big and lengthy tunnel filled with millions of human skeleton and government converted it to a museum. 

  I searched on YouTube about CATACOMBS  and it's Astonished me by creating pain in my heart when I knew about it.

Hard work of the writer paid him with success  and therefore the author became the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR.

This book named "UNRESTRICTED ACCESS "is written by "JAMES ROLLINS" . And the book describes itself as "NEW AND CLASSIC SHORT FICTION".  Therefore readers may understand that the stories of the book

is based on the true events of new and old era.The author described about his ideas which were responsible to inspire him to write each stories , the author described about it after the  ending of each story. 

The book is waiting for readers judgement and for feedback . Reader's may buy the book and feel and enjoy the suspense.



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Dear readers before reviewing the book I want to express my thoughts with all of you ,the month named June going to be expired after some days . This month is lucky for someone and also unlucky for some people. June is a month of rain and flooded most of the area and created panic situation amongst public . We should pray for the those people who are suffering by flood and also lost their own near and dear one.May  God bless all of us to lead a beautiful life.  Today I am going to review a book which story is based on the independence of mankind from the clutches of inhumanity.This book reveal the brutality of some people which were good people once upon a time and in the course of time they became barbarian . This book is related to history ,the story of the book is not a fictious story .This book is non fiction. If you are interested to read any non fiction book and also love historical books than this book is for you to read . The book exposed some bitter fact about human mind , abo