Poverty and Famines

 One word is very common and popular and that is Below Poverty Line(BPL ) . According to my viewpoint "there are only two religions in this world and they are RichAND Poor . 

There are various factors which are responsible for the poverty , natural calamities, low income , sudden adverse incidents to someone leading to poverty . A proper distribution system needs to eradicate the poverty.This book named POVERTY AND FAMINE discussed the various issues of poverty and it's causes .This book discussed about all the matters which are mentioned above.

The book also discussed about social security and employment entitlement.Food supply and starvation is also a sensitive issue and this subject is also discussed in the book. But I found it difficult at first to understand the discussion regarding poverty in the book ,but later I found it interesting. 

The another subject of the book is famine  .  The writer discussed about the great Bengal Famine which occurred in 1943 in India under British rule .The writer discussed about the natural calamities which were responsible for the famine and also discussed about faulty distribution policies of the British government and the ruthless decisions of British authorities who decided to  no more imports to tackle the  outcomes of the disaster .Wages of the government employees and price hike is also discussed with index ,but it's Difficult to understand the index of prices of the commodities of the year of famine. Millons of people died in Bengal because of starvation and wrong distribution policies and shortage of food was the main reason .This book discussed the hidden causes of starvation in Begal Famine in British India. The readers may learn a lesson by reading the book and feel the agony of the people who were died in starvation because of the wrong policy by the British government.

The writer of the book also discussed about various Famine which were happed in various countries and its impact in societies and economy . 

This book remind us about the bitter fact of Famine . Drought is another factor of famine . Climate change may also help to returns of Famine . We should be aware of climate change and should try to find a solution.

This book is written by the renowned writer and he is also the winner of NOBEL MEMORIAL PRIZE IN ECONOMIC SCIENCES in the year 1998 ,and his name is Amartya Sen. 

This book is Published by OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS .


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