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Dear readers before reviewing the book I want to express my thoughts with all of you ,the month named June going to be expired after some days . This month is lucky for someone and also unlucky for some people. June is a month of rain and flooded most of the area and created panic situation amongst public . We should pray for the those people who are suffering by flood and also lost their own near and dear one.May  God bless all of us to lead a beautiful life. 

Today I am going to review a book which story is based on the independence of mankind from the clutches of inhumanity.This book reveal the brutality of some people which were good people once upon a time and in the course of time they became barbarian .

This book is related to history ,the story of the book is not a fictious story .This book is non fiction. If you are interested to read any non fiction book and also love historical books than this book is for you to read .

The book exposed some bitter fact about human mind , about those people who heart was filled with love and humanity ,but they were in such kind of situation where the families and kith and kins were divided because one country was partitioned and going to create a separate country .

It's was weird dilemma for the people of two religious communities who fought together for the independence of their native from foreign invaders , and also both the community fought with each other after getting independence .

The Great person who led the country to go forward with non violence protest against the government established by foreigners .And his name was Mohandas karamchand Gandhi or Mohatma(meaning:great soul)Gandhi .Mohatma Gandhi proved that non violence can also be a weapon to fight against injustice.He was the key person who United all the people which were divided in religion , caste and community and still it's existed in that independent country .

The followers of two major religions were fought together against the government established by the foreigners and taste the sweetness of independence  ,but in a independent country they could not live together and the country divided and fighting happened on the basis of religious  tensions between both the  community, because one community wanted partition on the basis of religion.After independence partitioned happened,huge exodus happened along with mass massacre and lots of tumoil happened in the country ,Gandhi was assassinated by a lunatic orthodox Hindu as soon as that country got freedom and the name of the country is India . The writer wrote about the  politics , society and all other subjects of India after Gandhi was assassinated.Gandhi was not happy after the independent India although he was the greatest person who led people to get freedom from slavery and discrimination , he also contribute to reform the evil rituals in societies.The readers may know about that country where WORLD'S LARGEST DEMOCRACY existed .

The readers may earn various knowledge about an Independent state and its agony after its became an Independent state .This book is written by the renowned writer  named RAMACHANDRA GUHA. This book is 10th updated edition,and we may say that it's the book of history of a country of WORLD'S LARGEST DEMOCRACY.It was first published in 2007 by MACMILLAN.

At last I have my hearty condolences to  those People who lost their near and dear ones by deadly earthquake in Afghanistan. 

Be non violent, and we may change the world with ours goodness and with non violence.


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