Dear readers ,hope all the readers of my blog is enjoying their lives, today I am going to introduce a new book to all of you and also trying to review it ,hope I will have your valuable comments and advice. Dog ,the faithful animal and humans best friends are always in trouble. Humans love them , human harassed them ,human kill them ,but dogs always remain faithful.

    A Dog's Purpose is the book written by W.Bruce Cameroon . The story of the book is related to a female dog name ELLIE . This book make the reader's realise about the feelings of a dog by itself . Readers will feel the pain of a puppy when she is separated from her dog family  . I was brought up a dog and I separated him from his family and took him to my home when he was a puppy and I was also a school going child in those days . After reading the book I feel that I should not separate the poor puppy from his own dog family .

Ellie's life is full with remarkable stories written by the writer . The training provided by her owner is outstanding.The expressions and thoughts of her mind and also the dedication for the work keep the reader's in enthralled mode  .

The story revolves to the activities of Ellie(the female dog) .Her fear , love to humans .

Jacob is an interesting character which is also the lead character of the story , this character is also difficult to understand , Jacob is owner of   Ellie and his unique techniques to train Ellie is demand the concentration of readers , character of dog haters are also created in the book.

The book express the deep concern of a dog in human life from preventing crime to find out missing persons and also predicts the behaviour of humans towards dogs . We may truely feel the emotions of a dog by the character of a dog named ELLIE . But the writer may keep the story more interesting if he induct more suspense in the story . 

This is the first novel written by W.BRUCE CAMEROON and according to New York Times it is also a best selling book .This book is published by MACMILLAN CHILDREN'S BOOKS.


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