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The Lonely Tiger , the story of the book is based on the facts of the dwindling numbers of tigers in the world

 Dear , readers  today I am going to introduce to all of you with a book which is related to a very serious subject.And this book is made me emotional  and I think those people who love wildlife and respect wildlife will also become emotional after reading the book .

    The name of the book is THE LONELY TIGER 

How will you feel if some one force you to live alone in a deserted island ? You may guess how will you feel ! 
We the human beings love to hunt wild animals from ancient era and also love to hunt wild animals till now ,even some people made it a sport . Hunting was essential in the ancient age of human civilization to survive or when human were not civilised.But the nature of hunting by human become a amusement act or the act of bravery .And the another cause of hunting wild animals is to occupy the land of wild animals by humans and such act became the cause of conflict between humans and wild animals.
The book is related to hunting experiences by a hunter .And the hunter had the experiences of fear when  he had to wait to hunt a cunning tiger .The writer truly make senses to the readers to feel about the excitement and fear by a hunter and about the danger which was lurking for him in the forest .The writer truly express about the life of a hunter at night in a forest.The readers may also feel about the menace created by hunters who accept hunting as a game and many wild animals are injured due to the  hit of  the bullets of the hunters ,even in the highway these hunters never spared any wild animals to shoot and tigers are also among them, the writer also wrote about the threats of an injured tiger  to the man kind and cattles .The book also became helpful to the readers to have a glimpse of rural India after getting Independence from Britisher.The Child character Bali(the herdsman)in the book depicted the agony of a child as a herdsman who was in trouble in the forest .Bali is the example as a Children of India who is deprived of education and cannot go to school because of poverty, poverty also  leads to poaching and greedyness to earn easy money by killing wild animals and it's became habits to poachers. The writer inducted true stories in the book and he also wrote his experiences as a hunter and urge common people to save tigers along with other wild animals , either there will be no more tigers in the world and it will extinct. 


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Dear readers before reviewing the book I want to express my thoughts with all of you ,the month named June going to be expired after some days . This month is lucky for someone and also unlucky for some people. June is a month of rain and flooded most of the area and created panic situation amongst public . We should pray for the those people who are suffering by flood and also lost their own near and dear one.May  God bless all of us to lead a beautiful life.  Today I am going to review a book which story is based on the independence of mankind from the clutches of inhumanity.This book reveal the brutality of some people which were good people once upon a time and in the course of time they became barbarian . This book is related to history ,the story of the book is not a fictious story .This book is non fiction. If you are interested to read any non fiction book and also love historical books than this book is for you to read . The book exposed some bitter fact about human mind , abo