Human Trafficking is a serious subject which is related to crime against emotions, against believe, against relationship and also against livelihood.    Most of the people lost faith to each other because of human traffickers.Its a serious crime and all the civilized people of societies should know about it. Innocent people are suffering by the hand of human traffickers in the name of forced labour, women's are compelling by the human traffickers to indulge in illicit sexual activities.There are various factors which are responsible as the causes for human trafficking. A book is written by Stephanie Hepburn and Rita J.Simon regarding the heinous crime named "Human Trafficking: Hidden In Plain Sight"  The writer wrote"the term human trafficking triggers preconceived notions .Sex trafficking received more coverage in media than forced labour " .The writers of the book written about some numerical data regarding forced labour trafficking, sex trafficking and about

Artificial Intelligence For A Better Future

 Most of the common people doesn't know of Artificial Intelligence.I was also amongst them but suddenly I heard the word and became curious to know about it .Each and every person wish a life with easiest activities which will consume less time and less hard work.Artificial Intelligence is a Machine Technology or a Software by which we can involve in various activities which were hard in our early days but now it's become easy to perform and Artificial Intelligence make our lives very comfortable.Lives of human are going to be more dependable on Artificial Intelligence.We are already using Artificial Intelligence but we don't know that we are under the influence of Artificial Intelligence.

    We are using Android phones and Android is an unique software and we are also using various apps in the Android platform , various apps are there which use Artificial Intelligence, and there are also varities of devices which are also related to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence knows our choices but how ? Is it hampering our privacy? How Artificial Intelligence helping our daily activities and how it will develop more and what are the adverse impact in our daily personal activities? What sort of crime are developed under Artificial Intelligence? A news was published that Artificial Intelligence is also helpful to increase racial discrimination.A fear also rises that Artificial Intelligence will be helpful to increase unemployment.

     In the Foreword of the book the writer wrote

"The volume of data collected daily about each of us, as we use the internet and social media, is immense. That data can be used in all sorts of ways, from tracking our behaviour to ensuring that advertising and information are tailored for specific individuals. Collated data may also be used to provide the raw material for Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Computers have become ubiquitous and are used to control or operate all manner of everyday items in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Smart phones, able to track where we are and who we meet, are commonplace. Autonomous weapons capable of deciding independently what to attack and when are already available to governments—and, by extension, to terrorists. Digital trading systems are being used to rapidly influence financial markets"

   The writer may include more topics regarding human rights and Artificial Intelligence ,but somehow this book is worthy and informative.


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