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THE GOOD DAUGHTER  is the name of the book which is the source to Review 
I bought this book in 26th may 2020 and the day was monday .Its the book with 529 pages.

The writer of the book is Karin Slaughter .I never heard the name of this famous writer named KARIN SLAUGHTER and I even could not imagine whether the writer is a Gentleman or Gentlelady.The book is an international best seller which is also visible in words at the cover page of the book.When I found that the book is an international no:1 best seller than I became more curious to know abut the writer of the book and therefore I have decided to find  her personal data on Wikipedia.
This book or novel is related to a horrible crime and the victims were two
girls whose mother was murdered in front of them when they were at teenage age ,the family realted to two  teenage sisters whose name  are Charlotte and Samantha ,both are belonged to a reputed family ,murderers murdered there mother and were also trying to kill them but some how there life were saved by their own struggle .Their struggles to save their own lives from the rage of those killers
creating sensation in the whole body and mind.The citation of sentences related to the murder of their loving mother in front them by the ruthless murderers will shake the readers soul.Readers will feel like they would go to the scene and teach a lesson to those goons and save the family .
When you read this novel than you will realise that some people are lucky when they got a well settled life after after the disaster which could be more difficult to tolerate .
Charlotte the one of the character whom mother was murdered and she is also the younger sister of Samantha lead a better life after she was saved by her elder sister named Samantha.But where is Samantha who was buried alive by the culprits  and some how she managed to got out from the grave  ?  With the course of time Charlotte became a lawyer like her father , Charlotte became a date devil when she reached at younger stage , it's became her habits to save human's lives and she faced various dangerous atmosphere ,she likes to poke her nose to every untoward incidents to save human's life and therefore her husband and relatives doesn't like her  .this novel named THE GOOD DAUGHTER also exposed the gun culture of some countries where governments allowed to its citizens to afford a gun easily to protects their families and its also creates some problems in the societies ,the novel portrayed a character named Kelly Wilson who is a teenager who stole the licensed  gun belong  her father and went to the school where she was studied and openly fired to the kids and to the principal of that school and killed the principal and a child and accidentally Charlotte was also there at that school ,and its interesting to read about the actions of Charlotte at the moment when the horrible gun fire was occured in the school and its also interesting to read about the involvement of Charlotte as a defence lawyer of the Kelly Wilson who murderd the Kid and the principal.  But what about Samantha ,where does she gone after releasing herself from the graveyard !
I found the novel worthy to read because I feel this novel is based on some true facts



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